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Proudly Presents the:

The Family Church!  Located in Pennsauken, NJ

They are using one of our Medium Size Arks in their service, please see the pictures below of this powerful presentation of God's Ark of the Covenant!

 This service is very well done, powerful and

 beautiful in every way, guided by Gods Hand!


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(all pictures etc. used by permission from the Church Secretary and cannot be used by anyone else without their permission)




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Design based on the Original Ark of the Covenant

 as Directed by God to Moses.

 Angels or Cherubs design was inspired by the Movie:

*** Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark ***



*Ark's are made by Hand, materials used, color & exact design may vary, email for availability. For final tall measurements add 6.5 inches to small and 9 inches (Angel height) for large and full sized examples.

Lids (or Mercy Seats)  are Removable, Plenty of Room Inside for Storage.

  Shipping/handling/insurance is additional and will be determined on your order.

^ Angels or Cherubs that are sold separately are solid quality resin & are not painted or trimmed.

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